Unlocking the triple win:
AI-powered analytics for sustainable, customer-centric, and profitable banking.

Forget "either-or" thinking. The future belongs to businesses that can deliver a seamless customer experience, drive positive environmental impact, and achieve robust financial performance - all at the same time.

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Right cash.
Right place.
Right time.

Harmonize your cash movement with spruce cash, the intelligent software module that optimizes cash logistics across your entire bank network.
Experience seamless cash flow between regional treasuries, branch vaults, and ATMs, ensuring optimal availability and minimizing unnecessary transportation costs.


Unveiling Your Network's Potential:
Holistic Branch Efficiency Benchmarks.

Take control of your branch network's performance with comprehensive benchmarking insights.
Uncover strengths, pinpoint improvement areas, and gain a competitive edge through data-driven analysis.

Reimagine Branch Operations:


Step into the future of branch optimization with spruce simulator, a powerful tool for event-driven, custom simulations.
Craft personalized scenarios and gain invaluable insights into how your network responds to dynamic changes.

Loan Office

Unleash Loan Officer Potential:
AI-Powered Quota Optimization.

Improve your loan officer performance with spruce quotas, a cutting-edge software module that calculates optimal commercial quota values. Leverage historical performance data and future campaign insights to empower your team for success.

Analyze Anything, Anytime

The banking landscape is dynamic, riddled with unforeseen challenges and unique customer needs.
Planning and delivering exceptional service often requires navigating complex scenarios beyond pre-defined solutions.

Spruce empowers you to face these complexities head-on. Leverage our innovative platform to analyze and overcome a vast range of service planning and provision issues, irrespective of their nature or frequency.


Building the Future of Insightful Analysis

Experience the dawn of conversational data analysis with spruce. Our innovative platform features prototype LLMs, offering a glimpse into a future where you can interact with your data naturally and gain deeper insights.


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